Sri Lanka

I am in the ever beautiful, charming, tropical island of Sri Lanka and am meeting the most incredible human beings on planet Earth. The more I know the more I know how little I know. The more I see the more I realise how little experience, knowledge and culture I have or have been exposed to. So here’s a few pictures of its beauty thus far


Life arrived

I’m generally at a computer or desk when I write which leads to something substantial or of worth but today I am laying in bed, on my phone, with the window open, and it’s almost midnight.

The glitter left me two months post mission and now I am less put together than I had planned on being at this point in my life. They say your worst demons attack you when you get home and I just walked into one willingly and now am suffering the consequences. (“Stupid Bridget!”)

I don’t have the need for pity nor do I have the desire to explain what silly decisions I have made. Sometimes it’s just great to write and see your own words as though through third party eyes for the first time to gain some kind of objective insight.

I am trying to figure out what I want, right now. Aside from the obvious and ever self-reminded-despite-how-much-I-try-to-forget-it longing to be longed for and needed or ever just simply seen for what I really am or feel and with open arms welcomed into a person’s life. I’m currently sucking the poison out of my life and starting to consider going somewhere completely new, where nobody knows me and vice versa, zero connections or ties. Not even loose ones. No English, no technological connection with those outside of physical reach. I want to get dirty and walk shoeless and get sunburnt and sweaty and grow things and harvest things. I want the only music I hear to be the laughter of children or harmonic tribal song or the birds as the sun rises. I want to be so engaged I forget about food and showering and actually have the ability to fall asleep naturally and not out of necessity, because look I have to leave for work in 5 hours so I’d better close my eyes and hope something happens. I want to walk around with my monkeys on my shoulders with my snake around my wrist. And then when my best friend who doubles as my love interest walks with me the simple things like hand holding and letting people know he thinks I’m great exists not because he feels it’s a requirement or manipulated into doing/ not doing things on my behalf but because he’s just a genuine straight up person who thinks those things and wants to share them because he’s kind.

Utopia. And I genuinely have to get up in 5 hours,

Thanks for the eyeballing

3 augusti

I don’t know when I will feel real again or if this is real and how it always should feel but I’ve been floating for more than two years now. 

Daily I am grateful because God knows me and Christ heals me. The Love of God is real and the sacred peace and ultimate joy in partaking in the Saviour’s light is infinite.

I believe very, very strongly that the more good we choose to see and feel and partake in and be- the more we are provided with. Our spiritual senses, abilities & capacities can be trained, built and maintained as intricately as our physical if we so choose. 

Jag på Kristus tror 🦋

Everything appreciation

Less than a week ago I arrived home from Sweden as a full time missionary for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. I’m still unsure of what I’m doing with myself or my life since but here’s a list of things I appreciate here in Australia. My infinite love for Sweden and adoration writings will come soon enough but I thought it would be good to write about the things that are temporarily good here and now.

No income, no license, no phone= glory

My license expired a couple of weeks ago and I wasn’t able to renew it without a hassle overseas. It’s a good feeling. I don’t have a job or income. It’s a good feeling. I haven’t had a phone for a week now. It’s a good feeling. While in the process of getting things up and running my family have been very giving (as they have been, my entire life) and I love them infinitely more. People are so good.

Time Zone Confusion

I don’t have a body clock, again, again. I fall asleep where I am tired and wake up where I am awake. It’s a good place to start.

I love everyone I already loved even more than I initially loved them

I see my family or friends I used to think were already beautiful or good to be around or just had incredible or attractive qualities, and feel so much more love than initially known or intended toward them.  I don’t know what eyes I’m seeing with anymore, but humans are so much more attractive than they’ve ever been.

Snakes, spiders, dead possums, dog cuddles





Hello, hej.

I have no words to describe my being-back-in-Australia-I-just-served-my-mission-in-Sweden-and-adored-it-ness. Christ lives and I am so blessed to have had the opportunity to represent and serve Him in my mother’s homeland (which I have every desire to do for eternity, wherever I may be).

Keeping the online thing light for the time being, mainly because it’s a muscle I have to retrain and limit and test to see how it fits so here’s a photograph or two or three. I probably like or even love you.


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How to Write Me

As many of you may or may not know, I am serving as a full time proselyting missionary for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints! I am training in Provo, Utah and then will be over to the beautiful land of Sweden. I won’t be on my main social media accounts for the better part of two years.

For my first six weeks between Dec 8th 2015- Jan 15th 2016 you have the opportunity to send free online letters all of which I will endeavor to reply to promptly!

How to Write Me:

  1. Go to
  2. Click “Select Mission” > “Provo MTC- FREE”
  3. Click “Write a Letter” and fill out the form! Your details in the above section, mine in the below. Then write whatever you feel to share 🙂

All letters are printed and delivered at midday Provo Utah time (UTC-07:00). The only information that needs to be correct on the form is my name and in “Mission Code or Mission” write ‘Sweden Stockholm’. All other information doesn’t matter and it will still be delivered regardless.

If you put your email address in your letter I will be able to reply to you when I write my weekly emails.

From Jan 19th 2016- mid 2017 you can email me at:

I love the Saviour and The Book of Mormon is the word of God. So much love, can’t wait to hear from you all x