1. Work; a face for VO

Here’s a tiny section of my current life efforts in the little world of voice over.


Current Quo

Hello! You’re here because you googled my name, which means you’re interested in finding evidence I’m still alive. Maybe you were temporarily confused as to where I went, because we have a friendship, that’s cool too, and I’ll be outlining details in an upcoming post. Or maybe you and I aren’t m8s but you’re keen to see how poorly or well I’m letting the internet know I’m doing. For your efforts you will be gifted with some honest real and recent photographs of my activities, searches, screen dumps- essentially it’s what scrolling through my phone or head would look like. I hope you understand how truly important it isn’t to be aware.

I had considered leaving a disclaimer on every photograph but perhaps it’s more interesting if you are given the freedom to imagine the why.


A subjective collection of perceptions. Things might impinge on our senses but still fail to register in the brain. Our internal filters are far more powerful than we might like to think. Sir Arthur Conan Doyle was convinced that what are to us obviously faked photos of fairies were in fact real fairies captured on film. He believed that the photo shown below was real until the end of his life. So the mind’s eye (and ear) is a truly variable thing. What one person hears and sees is not necessarily what another perceives.

Tasmania Mania

Every so often when your head is a mess and your sister says “do you wanna come to Tasmania with me tomorrow morning” and it means she books a flight and you head on five hours later you just gotta say yes to the lot and count your blessings.

My week involved meeting my new cousins, Aunty, uncle, family friends, eating scones, picking plums, lone driving up Tasmania to see the seahorse farm, and as a whole finding the serenity that can often only be found when removing myself from my daily situation.

A milky bath

Today my movie date with me ended in an Egyptian milk & honey bath.

“Loneliness expresses the pain of being alone and solitude expresses the glory of being alone.”

I very much love being with other humans but I receive my energy from being alone, daily. It’s been a little more than usual lately.

I specifically went to the shops to find something that will give me a milky bath and The Body Shop did not disappoint (and the girl told me I’d feel like an Egyptian princess, which I do).

Here’s some flicks because tbh when you have milky baths and a waterproof camera everything is copacetic. ❤️

Flicking/ thinking/ appreciating

I have some of my favourite conversations with a bunch of people while ubering. As soon as you start reading about or specifically learning about something your ability to draw those common interests out of others heightens. So this week there’s been a bunch of talk about real estate investment, music production, the importance of not only having friends but having mentors… how good home made pasta is. A lot of talk about the appreciation we have for our parents now that we know better than we did as teenagers and how they’re the most relatable humans and not to mention our heroes. I love looking through old flicks and genuinely knowing I have nothing in common with who I was or what I used to care about. I do appreciate where I’ve come from and how it’s shaped me, however. I’m happy to never be cool and to continue to be less and less cool daily if it means I get to follow my ultimate hero and Saviour Jesus Christ. I love change, I love progression, I love the reality in infinite and eternal progression because of Him.

Photograph is by the ever lovely Kristen Shaylee the gem, in 2012, the year the world didn’t end but the life of my hair did. #restinpieces