Moment of truth

With the multiple connections I tend to have on various forms of social media, I receive (a magnificent amount of) love in the form of comments and discussion throughout the posts I create and leave open to the public. I am so grateful we have the technology today to be able with connect with humans who resemble our lifestyles and thoughts and who are seeking truths as we are, and they have the ability to reach out in ways in which they could not have only some 30 odd years ago- in all parts of the world. However, on the odd occasion, a person I do not know nor would have met may write on something I post with an impolite comment or response to my actions or my faith.

The following I know: I am a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. We are also known as ‘Mormons’. The best way to truly know what we believe is to ask an active member of our faith. I cannot condense all my thoughts and feelings and knowledge in a one post-wonder in the attempt to have you understand what I know. It would not do this knowledge justice. Truly, meet with us. Human interaction is the most viable form of human communication and it is deeming to be obsolete in these years. Don’t let it be! However, I will express the following:

I am a follower of Jesus Christ. When I began to live my life according to His principles and teachings as pertaining to the fullness of His gospel- and nothing less- I genuinely experienced improvements in every portion of my life. I cannot express the aforementioned any more plainly. It became as clear as daylight the way I needed to continue to live as soon as I started living it. The more focus I place on making my decisions based on the gospel of Jesus Christ, the outcomes have been truly miraculous.

Every day is a genuine miracle to me. I have struggled for years and sometimes decades with weaknesses and adversaries I never- I repeat, never- have been able to overcome or change until now- when I decided to actively apply gospel principles in all aspects of my life. This to me created a very clear depiction in my understanding of the foreknowledge, intelligence and love of God. If you read that He loves us- He actually does. If you read that he knows all- He actually does! A God who directs me to do something, and when I do that thing- I am happy? He knows how it works. He knows how humans work. He knows us individually and collectively. When people tell me of how unhappy they are and they then adopt the concept that God is not loving- perhaps they misread Him. Perhaps they are blaming one who they do not listen to. If they were to submit their lives to His direction- they would be happy. It is really a ‘listen to your parents’ concept to yield to. Your parents love you, and when they ask you to do something- it is not because they do not want to do it themselves. It is because they have an increasing desire for you to learn. It is because they know the immense benefit, understanding, confidence and self-sufficiency earnt through learning said thing. They know and have learnt for themselves the happiness that could be earnt through learning that could be achieved in doing what they have asked of you. With their knowledge of the possibility of your happiness- they direct you to do certain things. If somebody wants you to be happy I would only assume it’s because they love you! Divide that concept and apply it to God and realise He actually loves you.

If you understand the above concept, you begin to recognize the freedom that comes from having far greater understanding in life. You comprehend the importance of having those enriching experiences that you would not have had had you not listened to your parents. You understand you have been asked to do these things in your life- not to prove to them that you are in favour of them, even though that is a worthy motive- but for them to demonstrate to you that they are in favour of you. They are in favour of your happiness. My parents made me learn piano as a child. Initially I had asked to, but then, as soon as I understood the work involved in maintaining the skills required to pass examinations, I no longer desired to continue. I couldn’t stand exams, they made me feel incredibly nervous and the outcomes of the exams rarely portrayed how I felt as a pianist of my level at the time. However, I continued to press on. I continued to work hard, and get nervous, and get terrible exam results, and get sad or frustrated with the system or my lack of ability. I did something I did not wish to do for many, many years. Now, as a result- I can play piano! I really feel like it’s a skill that is necessary to be obtained in one’s life. A staple instrument, a profound talent, a genuine necessity that I find comes in handy on a regular basis. Not just the initial skills acquired but the understanding learnt. I can read music. I haven’t any idea how I can but I just do. I sing and play both hands on the piano at the same time while reading music and listening to people next to me. I haven’t any idea how I can but that’s just the skill I have acquired as a result of what I perceived as many years of hardship. Music is a universal language- how many nations speak exactly the same language? No two. Music speaks the same in every country. What a blessing my parents gave me to learn this instrument! I would not take a second back of those seemingly hard times. In fact, I’m at this point where I ask my parents why I wasn’t forced to do more things. I’ve said things like, “Well I’m going to force my kids to learn piano, I’m going to force my kids to learn other languages, I’m going to force my kids to be fit- because I know had I done these things as a child I’d be far more advantaged now, as an adult!” Their response is always much like, “Emma, there are things we tried to have you do- but you would refuse.” You can direct people to do things to a degree, but in the end the person themselves need to actively do what they have been asked. We personally are given the ultimate choice as to whether or not we wish to listen to one with far more knowledge than we. So as my parents, in doing this thing, they were not interested in anything but their desire for me to be happy. This was not for them, it was for me. God does not give directions to you for Himself, He does it for you.

When you live your life centred on Christ, you are genuinely far happier than you would have been otherwise. I am not perfect, and I am not Him. I would like, however, to the best of my ability attempt to be as close to Him as possible or be the best representative of a follower of Him as possible. I am learning every day, and I try to do so every day. He is the first thing and the last thing on my mind. I wouldn’t have it any other way.

I believe in a loving, intelligent, objective, just and understanding God. These qualities we comprehend in other human beings can in fact be found in our creator. These qualities are inherently from Him. He should make sense. If God is not these things to you, you do not understand Him. If God doesn’t make sense to you, seek understanding.

The way I live my life and the reason I follow this particular faith is really simply put: it makes me happier than I have ever known. I care about the truth and I care about what makes sense. The truth sets one free- and I am genuinely free! There is nothing I am willing to do more than to defend this knowledge for the rest of my life because I know these things are true. Have thoughts illustrating questions of your soul you wish to know? Feel free to speak with the missionaries:

I promise, if you listen and ask, with a true desire to know what you must do in your life in order to be happy- you will most genuinely receive your answers. True happiness is so obtainable and I’m in no position to restrict anyone from achieving it. It is my delight and my goal for all people to know the things I know and be as truly happy as I really am. I find happiness every day, even in the midst of turmoil or amid conflict in my life’s adversaries or afflictions. I am happy, my soul is at peace, I am free, and I genuinely desire for any and all people to know they can feel this way too.


Mission Call

I received the following two weeks ago:

“Dear Sister Wilson:
You are hereby called to serve as a missionary of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. You are assigned to labor in the Sweden Stockholm Mission. It is anticipated that you will serve for a period of 18 months.
You should report to the Provo Missionary Training Centre on Tuesday, December 8, 2015. You will prepare to preach the gospel in the Swedish language.”

I know at this time in my life this is where I am meant to be going and this is what I am meant to be doing! There is nothing more prominent and sure to me than the existence of our Saviour and the active pursuit of bettering one’s self through His teachings every day. When I came to this realisation, I have genuinely found improvement in every area of my life, each day- and consistently find peace even in the midst of turmoil, each day. Because this brings me greater joy than anything I have ever known- there is nothing I would love to do more than immerse myself in this calling and share this message of happiness with the people of Sweden and all else who are seeking peace and understanding.

To meet with missionaries in your area feel free to visit

Understanding Infinite Knowledge

In my efforts to understand things as they really are and in the obtaining of such knowledge (& as mentioned in a previous post): The thing I know of myself now more than ever is that my knowledge is so incredibly limited. For those who do not know me, I am currently preparing to be a full time missionary for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. Amidst my preparations for said mission (and for life in general) I have been reading things to broaden my knowledge of not only gospel principles but to understand to the best of my ability the needs of others I will come into contact with and their level of prior knowledge. Additionally I attend meetings with current full time missionaries and the people they are currently teaching about the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Proselyting also includes coming into contact with those rejecting knowledge of a Saviour and His teachings- which too, is normal on the mission and in life- and is obviously allowed. We personally approve of allowing all people to have the same privilege of worshipping their own understanding of God according to the dictates of their own consciences. We believe all people are allowed to select how they exercise their innate ability to choose.

For myself -as a citizen -and not as a person of my faith, one thing I have distinctly recognised amongst those who do not hold a belief in any form of Deity -is the appearing inability to understand their own lack of understanding (and yes, I’ve been there, we all choose arrogance- often ignorance, and we all fall short of understanding). A common denominator I’ve recognized in said people is a genuine belief that they hold a greater understanding than that of a Supreme Being having lived aeons of years prior to their existence. Things I commonly hear are phrases like “I’m such a deep thinker, there can’t be a God,” “If God is all powerful, why is there so much death of innocent lives?” “How could one create all the things around us? Sounds like magic. What about science?”

Two things need to be understood: We have been given the freedom to choose and God has infinite knowledge.

I’m not going to write in depth about our ability to choose. We have been placed on this earth as a trial of our faith and to use the ability of choice according to our desires- to progress. Bloodshed in the world is indeed not the choice of God, but of humans. He is all powerful and knowledgeable and as a result he knows the things that are going to come to pass. His knowledge is not the reason things come to pass.

Amongst my reading list is a book titled ‘Jesus the Christ’ by James E. Talmage. I read the following last night and it perfectly illustrated these thoughts I consistently have regarding the above.

“God’s Foreknowledge Not a Determining Cause.—“Respecting the foreknowledge of God, let it not be said that divine omniscience is of itself a determining cause whereby events are inevitably brought to pass. A mortal father, who knows the weaknesses and frailties of his son, may by reason of that knowledge sorrowfully predict the calamities and sufferings awaiting his wayward boy. He may foresee in that son’s future a forfeiture of blessings that could have been won, loss of position, self-respect, reputation and honor; even the dark shadows of a felon’s cell and the night of a drunkard’s grave may appear in the saddening visions of that fond father’s soul; yet, convinced by experience of the impossibility of bringing about that son’s reform, he foresees the dread developments of the future, and he finds but sorrow and anguish in his knowledge. Can it be said that the father’s foreknowledge is a cause of the son’s sinful life? The son, perchance, has reached his maturity; he is the master of his own destiny; a free agent unto himself. The father is powerless to control by force or to direct by arbitrary command; and, while he would gladly make any effort or sacrifice to save his son from the fate impending, he fears for what seems to be an awful certainty. But surely that thoughtful, prayerful, loving parent does not, because of his knowledge, contribute to the son’s waywardness. To reason otherwise would be to say that a neglectful father, who takes not the trouble to study the nature and character of his son, who shuts his eyes to sinful tendencies, and rests in careless indifference as to the probable future, will by his very heartlessness be benefiting his child, because his lack of forethought cannot operate as a contributory cause to dereliction.

“Our Heavenly Father has a full knowledge of the nature and disposition of each of His children, a knowledge gained by long observation and experience in the past eternity of our primeval childhood; a knowledge compared with which that gained by earthly parents through mortal experience with their children is infinitesimally small. By reason of that surpassing knowledge, God reads the future of child and children, of men individually and of men collectively as communities and nations; He knows what each will do under given conditions, and sees the end from the beginning. His foreknowledge is based on intelligence and reason. He foresees the future as a state which naturally and surely will be; not as one which must be because He has arbitrarily willed that it shall be.”—From the author’s Great Apostasy, pp. 19, 20.”

The above passage actually made me flip out as I was reading it on the train. I smiled and nodded profusely and may have even whispered a little ‘Yes!’ out loud. I am so incredibly at peace when another understands things and even has the ability to write the same agreed understandings of my heart on their paper.

Prior to my reading I was thinking about scientists. I was thinking about my inability to create or experiment with elements of the earth and how incredibly far we have come so far as science can tell. My knowledge of science is a seed, the knowledge of a scientist is a tree. Then I thought, scientists? They should be considered mini-scientists comparative to a Supreme Being. If a person detests the knowledge of Deity in His infinite understanding and ability to create -as a literal result of believing in science -how can one possibly believe in scientists? Surely a measured earth of 4.5 billion years old comprising of humans living to roughly 73 years has come thus far scientifically as a result of those two common factors alone: Time. Understanding time has been one of my weaknesses up until January this year (however, I still struggle). In the last six months I have actively learnt more than in my entire life as a result of exercising my time efficiently. I understand now more truth than I have ever understood. With this in mind, I consider the life of a scientist (or my limited understanding of a person dedicating themselves to the practice of a science) -copious study, time, energy & practice to understand elements of the earth & the humans in which it consists- often claiming to facilitate and better the lives on the earth in which we reside (and dependent on the denomination of science the planets in which we don’t reside). If God has lived for aeons of years prior to a scientist- surely he has done the same? Surely his knowledge of matter is far greater than that of a scientist? Miracles should not be considered as deviations from the ordinary course of nature so much as manifestations of divine or spiritual power. How limited is our perceived knowledge, how limited is our perceived spirituality- how limited is our power.

I’m going to leave the following thoughts: In your study, in your genuine seeking for divine guidance and knowledge- you will only receive a witness after exercising your faith. I abundantly have been blessed with repeated witnesses of these truths. I know without any doubt whatsoever that we do in very fact, have a loving Heavenly Father. He lives. He is existent. These things I know. This knowledge and active pursuit in attaining confirmation of this knowledge will change your entire life. This I promise you. I’m going to ask those reading this with these genuine desires to make one simple commitment. This week- kneel and pray, asking God the Father your desires to know of His existence and anything you wish to share with Him and close your prayer in the name of Jesus Christ. For any further direction pertaining to prayer and anything listed in the above, feel free to be in contact x

Two things;

The devil leads people into his fold through two predominant paths: distraction and deception.

For myself in my pursuit to avoid these things and to continually strive to follow the Saviour I have made every effort to eliminate all unnecessary distractions in my life. Things that will not be best in terms of time usage, will not be fruitful to my mind, will hinder the progression of my learning- anything that will distract me from receiving greater intelligence in this life while in my body. It’s a continuous and daily process of elimination. For each person it is different and distraction comes in various forms. It’s important to also understand temperance.

In terms of deception, I have learnt one main thing: the adversary uses imitation of good things to deceive us. He imitates happiness, he imitates power, he imitates knowledge, he imitates wisdom, he imitates joy, he imitates freedom, he imitates love. Above all know this: he cannot imitate peace. There is nowhere I can experience peace than when I am doing what is in accordance with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. It is here on the earth not to restrict us but to give us true freedom. This I can say with a surety, this I can say from experience.

There is nowhere but here I feel peace. Friends- I invite you to ponder the above and learn for yourself how to find this peace within you. The only place is here, & I can show you how.

Trials, understanding, lack of understanding

I have learnt a few things, again. I am currently facing one of the more prominent trials in my life (although it’s hard to really judge trials based on events when there are more elements involved: age, maturity, knowledge, how well I would have dealt with said trial ten years ago.. Etc.) This current trial has brought the following to my attention.

1. Just because somebody is offended, doesn’t make them right. The truth will still stand at the end of time.

2. Being blessed with understanding does not automatically give one the  power or ability to teach said understanding to those who were not born with it. Teaching is a completely separate ability.

3. I do not know everything. I do not know even a seed of everything. This I know more than anything.

4. The things I do know, however, I know in their complete state and as they really are.

5. I need to constantly sufficiently humble myself. It’s a progressive state. It doesn’t happen just once and stay that way. I need to seek humility daily.

6. Trials are given for our experience and subsequent learning. Nothing is two dimensional. There is an eternal plan for each of us individually and thus a path has been set in place in order for us, as individuals, to learn what we need to learn and in our appropriate timing.

7. I need to constantly be reminded that Heavenly Father is all-knowing. I am not. Ofcourse He knows what is happening at current. I need to ask for what is appropriate and that His will be done. I am being showered with blessings, every day. The things I do not know, I have not come to a knowledge of as yet for a reason.

8. Timing is everything.

9. At my weakest I need to realise my progressive state.

10. I can pray and I will pray for what I feel is best for my life but I need to be ready to understand that what I see is a small atom of the whole picture. I am weak, and in this state, sometimes I can only ask for what I need to learn at this time to be learnt in a timely manner so as to not suffer for much longer.

-And again, I do not know all. Long suffering may just be what I need to learn.

A process of elimination

Every day I am furthermore being showered with the gift of the ability to see things as they really are. Being given pure understanding, pure knowledge- with a surety.

It’s an evermore process of elimination. Consider this- we have all been given a cup. We fill this cup with our desires, our perceived knowledge and perceived collection of truth, our weaknesses and strengths, our spiritual gifts, our mind, our energy, our doubts. We all have a full cup. If we effectively strive to be better at what we do and what we know- every day, our cup comes closer and closer to being only filled with the knowledge of things as they really are. The lies and deceptions of the world are sifted out.

These last six months I can say with a surety- there were things I did not know and was not sure of my entire life- but I now know. Not perceive or desire to have a better understanding of, but know.

As I freely choose to follow the teachings of Jesus Christ, I genuinely am more free, more knowledgeable and more happy that I have ever been. This I can tell you with a surety. This is something you cannot understand until you act on that tiny seed of faith you may have in His existence and the things I am sharing with you. When you do, I promise you with everything in me– your life will be better every day than it was the last. Your life will be better. You will be far happier than you are now. These things I promise you with all my strength.

There are people who don’t understand this. When I eliminate parts of my perceived personality or doings it’s not because I think I am better than other people. It’s because I want to be better than I was yesterday. It brings me more joy than I can imagine. I have started to understand things in a way I never knew before and oh boy have my eyes been opened and oh how am I seeing things as they really are. I want everyone to know these things I know. I want everyone to feel this peace I feel even in the midst of turmoil.

Friends- I urge you to ponder on what I say here. I see things as they really are. I know things with a surety. I am not restricted or held back by following the Saviour- I am free. I am free.

“How long can rolling waters remain impure?”

And that’s really what it is. Enduring to the end. Becoming as morally refined as we choose to be within the bounds of our current tangible bodies. What an incredible time in which we were individually placed on this earth to choose freely who we want to be, how much we wish to progress and an infinite atonement which comes into action when we fall short- should we do all we can do. Life is individual. Strengths and weaknesses are individual. Progression is individual. The beauty is, we’ll end up where we choose to be.

It is important to understand the following: You most genuinely, have a loving Heavenly Father. He wants you to be happy, He created you, He knows you better than you know yourself, He loves you in a unique way specific to you. Prior to our time on earth we were spirits living with God who has a tangible body of flesh and bones. We realised we couldn’t understand His happiness or level of dominion without receiving a body ourselves. When He announced we would be sent to Earth to receive a body and progress, we jumped for joy! What an incredible gift given to us as His Spirit children. We were informed (and innately know) we could not progress without choice. The freedom to choose right from wrong. He wants us to become like Him- perfect. We cannot do that without choice. We do not have a controlling God, but a loving God. That is His nature. He wants us to progress and ultimately be like Him.

When things happen on earth and you see these things as incorrect or you look at people and see the harm they are causing others- remember- they have been given the freedom to choose. We have a loving Heavenly Father. We need to be the change we wish to see in the world.